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Bermuda Karate Institute


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Greetings from Bermuda's original karate dojo, Bermuda Karate Institute!

BKI is dedicated to continuing training in the goju style of karate. Skipper Ingham, having completed over 50 years in some form of martial arts training, has renewed his dedication by visiting Okinawa five times in the last several years to renew contact with the Jundokan Dojo of the late Miyazato Eiichi. In 1997 he led a Bermudian team to compete in a world karate/kobudo tournament and experience the home of karate.

Awards and recommendations

"you have a GREAT school and all of you were and stil are THE BEST SENSEI that I ever had, I miss you all and hope one day to come back to visit you again." GREETINGS TO ALL MY SENSEI, SKIPPER, KENT AND KRISTINA FROM YOUR FAITHFUL STUDENT, DANILO ROTTIGNI, Guadalajara, Mexico

"At the meeting of the Honourable House of Assembly on Friday, 23rd May, 1997, Ms. J. M. Smith, J.P., M.P., asked that the congratulations of the House be sent to you on your accomplisment of inclusion in the book by Ron Van Clief of "Black Heroes of the Martial Arts". Ms. Smith said, 'This accomplishment is underscored by your standing as a member of the martial Arts Hall of Fame. The example set for our young people in terms of perseverance, is shown by your continued involvement since 1944.'" - Hon. E. D. DeCouto, J.P., M.P., Speaker (Note: Ms. Smith became Premier of Bermuda November, 1998.)

Skipper Ingham received the Queen's Certificate and Badge of Honour in 1994.

"I take this opportunity to thank the both of you for the wonderful contribution you have made to the youth of this country. Praise is too often wasted when given to politicians, doctors, lawyers, ministers, etc. The little people in their day to day struggle to teach discipline, respect, courage, truth and all the other attributes of good citizens are too often overlooked. In addition to teaching the traits listed above to so many Bermudians you have been sterling examples for your children to follow... I am always touched when I see the youngsters around your dojo as I pass down King Street. As long as we have epople like Mr. and Mrs. "Skipper " Ingham around, Bermuda doesn't have to worry about the future of its people." - Don Ray, D.C.

Skipper Court Street dojo

Skipper Ingham, Court Street dojo, 1984.

sparring sketch

Line drawing by Cristina Portius


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